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Last updated, 03-15-22

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Hang drums provide a therapeutic emotional state of healing, reduces pain and mental stress.


When using sound therapy for healing, releasing, or even just stress relief, it is known to use frequencies that vibrate at a certain Hz for beneficial effects.

Here are the BEST  sound therapy tools for healing your mind, and body!

  • Used for yoga, meditation, entertainment, music.

  • Stress relief, relaxation, peaceful energy tool.

  • 8 notes percussion instrument.

  • C-Key.

  • Made from premium high-quality steel.

  • Beautiful anti-corrosion finish.

  • Clean ethereal Buddha-like sound.

  • Unique design with perfect sound.

  • Innovative design craftsmanship.

  • Cute and portable, easy to carry 6 inches.

  • Complete upgraded kit.

  • Includes drum, mallets, travel bag, wiping cloth, and music book.

  • 1,028 Consumer Ratings


Hang drums, also known as handpans and tongue drums are an excellent tool for your daily meditation or group healing sessions. Singing bowls make such beautiful harmonious music which was used in ancient times by Tibetan Monks, Lamas, and spiritual healing guides.

  • Authentically hand-hammered in the Himalayan Foothills by Napalese Artisans.

  • Pure beautifully layered tones.

  • Enhances yoga, prayer, meditation, chakra healing, and mindset.

  • Ambience for emotional and spiritual healing.

  • Used worldwide by teachers, practitioners, and energy healers.

  • Compact and easy to bring anywhere, fits in your palm.

  • Use at retreats, yoga class, meditation practice, or in the office.

  • Promotes spiritual, mental, and physical healing.

  • Hand Tested for Guaranteed Perfect Sound Quality.

  • 19,962 Consumer Ratings

  • 6 relaxing and soothing nature sounds.

  • Mimics the natural environment.

  • Summer night, rain, brook, ocean, and thunder.

  • Battery or adapter charging options.

  • Auto-off timer sound spa.

  • Portable sleep, and relaxation therapy.

  • Compact, lightweight, and portable for travel.

  • Rhythmic nature sounds help the baby sleep.

  • Play continuously or choose from 3 auto-off settings.

  • 43,603 Consumer Ratings

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